Building Advice

A builder can expect (will receive) from the CADL building programme, full assistance in the use and methods of how to work with timber products.  It is important that the builder understands the nature of the product he is working with and the different techniques required to obtain structural integrity of their aircraft.

CADL offers one on one training tailored to the builder’s technical skills to assist him through the whole process/build.

CADL also offers its builders a factory build option, where they come to the factory to build their craft or just components and assembly of the aircraft, using jigs and speciality machinery under supervision.    Conditions do apply with this option.

The builder has the support of construction manuals, a video library, along with a multitude of photographs to assist in the build process.


  • To obtain a fast build project, CADL utilises 3D drawings and CNC router and water-jet cutters to manufacture plywood and metal components. 
  • CADL utilises vacuum bag technology to obtain maximum strength from its laminated glued components. 
  • Carbon-fibre and fibreglass are also used in the construction of the aircraft components.
  • Jigs and moulds are used to accurately reproduce components and assemblies.
  • Full sized plans for the fuselage and tail planes make it easy for the builder to construct these parts accurately and quickly.

Aircraft Specific Advice

There are 3 base models in the Adventurer CA18 series:

  • CA18-1320 – This is essentially a J3 Cub with the except that you solo from the front seat and have very minimal electric systems.  This aircraft is constructed lighter to meet the 1320 lb (600 kg) weight restriction of a New Zealand microlight category.
  • CA18-1530 – This represents a 100hp Piper Cub with a maximum all up weight of 1530 lbs (694 kg).
  • CA18-1920 – This represents a Piper Super Cub at 160-180 hp with a maximum all up weight of 1920 lbs (870 kg).
  • Essentially the fuselage may look the same from the outside for the 3 models, however the internal construction varies between models depending on the loading required for the model being constructed.
  • Flaps are an option on all three models.
  • Different motor options are available upon request.