General Info

Our CA18-1320 is our lightest weight aircraft. It is designed for New Zealand's CAA Class Two Microlight catagory with a maxiumum all up weight of 600Kgs.

The basic aircraft does not come equipped with flaps or large grass all terrain tyres to keep weight to a minimum. Fuel is limited in each wing tank to 35 litres.

However for this model you can choose between a full size J3 or PA18 Cub. The added bonus is that solo flight is from the front seat.




Maximum positive G +4
Minimum Negative  G 0
CA18-1320 is not for Aerobatics Manoeuvres  
Service Ceiling Height 13,500
Manoeuvring Speed 85 Mph
Maximum Cruising Speed 100 Mph
Never Exceed  (Vne) 120 Mph
MAUW 1320 lbs
Best Rate of Climb 71 Mph
Rate of Climb  (ft – per – min) 624
Best Angle of Climb 64 Mph
Best Rate of Climb   (Ratio) 1 to 9.4
Stall Speed 38 Mph



Power Plant

Continental - Rotax 0-200 / 912
Engine Type Flat 4
Rated Horsepower 100 / 100
Rated RPM 2750 - 5800


Customer choice  

Fuel System

Capacity of tanks 2 x 35 litres
Total capacity 70 litres
Unusable fuel 2
Total useable fuel 68 litres
Fuel type 100 LL Avgas/ MOGAS


Main Landing Gear Tries 6.00 x 4
Tail Wheel 2.50 x 4
Axles & Bearings 1 – ¼ inch
Brakes, Matco mfg Disc and Calibre MLG Only

Aircraft Technical Data

Metric Imperial
Wing span 10.668 mtrs 35.0 ft
Wing Area 15.80  Sq/Mtrs 178.5 ft
Wing Loading 43.92 kgs/mtr 8.5 lbs/ft

Landing Gear Data

Wheel Base 5.059 mtrs 16 ft
Wheel Track 1.879 mtrs 74 inches
Main Wheels Size 21x8.00x6 Pressure 18 psi
Tail Wheel Size 2.80x4 Pressure 20 psi

Control Surfaces

Elevator Maximum up Deflection   25⁰  
Elevator Maximum Down Deflection 15⁰  
Elevator Trim Maximum up Deflection 3⁰  
Elevator Maximum Down Deflection 4⁰  
Rudder Defection Left & Right 25⁰  
Tail wheel defection before unlocks to 360deg 22⁰  
Aileron deflection angles Up 18deg
Down 18deg
Maximum Speed to Lower Flaps   (Vfe) Not Fitted  


Flap deflection angles
First notch
Second notch
Third notch